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Lafayette Youth
Arts Society
Jenna Stedman
1st Place
What the judges said:
Jenna Stedman goes to Stanley Middle School. She lives in Lafayette with her parents, older sister, dog, and fish. Jenna loves photography and dancing, as well as baking, art, skateboarding, and spending time with friends and family. She has a passion for volleyball and she played volleyball for the Stanley team this year. In her spare time, Jenna enjoys reading and writing. She loves traveling and is looking forward to an upcoming trip to Italy with her family.
"One of the things that I like to look at when judging a photography contest, especially when it gets to the point of deciding which ones are the best, is making a consideration relative to the sort of thought processes that a photographer had to go through in order to get whatever type of successful shot they were after. In the case of this mushroom, I loved not only its sense of detail within the natural environment, but it also had an exceptional use of perspective that is far from the ordinary handheld shot. To get this level of detail and perspective, and to do so with such a great composition that so clearly relates the subject to the viewer, took some real cognitive effort and recognition in terms of working out in the field to achieve such a successful shot. I've seen lots of photos of mushrooms taken by many adults over the years, but few have had the insight to get down so low as to be able to shoot a scene as if it was taken from a caterpillar's point of view from underneath the mushroom. Pure excellence."

Gary Crabbe
"I thought this was colorful and looked at the mushroom from a different angle. I would have liked it to be a bit larger, showing more of the mushroom and above the mushroom to better define the area. I liked the color of the flower at the base. If the area above the mushroom and the top cap of the mushroom was larger it probably would require darkening the image as this area is very light - or using Photoshop to darken just the area that is too light without disturbing the nice color of the foliage and flower."

Morris Johnson