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Lafayette Youth
Arts Society
Sophia Benveniste
Sophia Benveniste is a 7th grade student at Stanley Middle School. She has always loved art and painting but her interest in photography is fairly new. She really loves taking pictures and then painting them. Sophia is looking forward to learning more about photography and moving forward to participate in other activities like this.

3rd Place
What the judges said:
"This shot demands attention due to its simple yet very evocative feeling. The composition is very deliberate, while at the same moment being gentle and genuine. I love the contrasting colors between the neutral background, the warmth of her hand, the delightful details in the fingernail polish which matches the sweater, and a very gentle white of the dandelion seeds. You can almost feel as if she is taking a long, pondering look at the gentle nature of these seeds before possibly and wishfully blowing the seeds off the dandelion."

Gary Crabbe
"I particularly liked this juxtaposition of the colorful images of the fingernails and delicacy of the dandelion. It was cropped well and attracts attention. If the background was a solid darker color the white flower would stand out and simplify the image."

Morris Johnson