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Lafayette Youth
Arts Society
Winning Photography Entries
Isabel Rurka
Isabel Rurka was born in Berkeley, California, and lived there for ten years. She moved to Lafayette two years ago. Her favorite subject in school is anything but math. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball and taking pictures with her dad’s old camera. She has twin siblings, Nathan and Haley. Last year she adopted a Labrador retriever named Sammy.
1st Place
What the judges said:
"This picture did a great job of portraying "A day in the life" by using a unique perspective, and inviting the viewer to delve deeper into the details of the photograph through it's fisheye reflection. The photographer's personal items, including her friend, help to clearly convey the theme of a day in her life in an original manner."
"I just loved this image, and was immediately taken by how it reminded me of M.C. Escher's famous self-portrait with him holding the glass ball. Like life itself, the subject of this photo is so direct and simple, yet in glancing closer we see a much greater sense of intimate details, an entire world to be discovered and explored. In that world, we have a single person capturing a single moment, and showing us a perfect reflection of her world, right then, and right there; far beyond just looking a simple lamp."
Gary Crabbe
Michael Keeney
"The first place winner noticed her reflection in the lamp shade and got it all in including the photographer and camera! It was cropped down to include just the reflection and not a lot of other stuff around it."
Morris Johnson