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Lafayette Youth
Arts Society
Noam Franbuch
Noam Franbuch is 12 years old, and attends the 7th grade at the Contra Costa Jewish day school. She lives in Danville with her mom dad, and two little twin sisters. 
Noam has three bunnies, and a dog named Fritzi that she loves. Her favorite books are “RULES” by Cynthia lord, and “Are you there God? Its me, Margaret” by Judy Blume. Noam figure skates at Dublin Iceland and is on a synchronized skating team called the Dublin Dolls. She also enjoys art, writing,
 reading, math, playing guitar, acting, singing, taking pictures, and trying new things.
2nd Place
What the judges said:
"Great use of dead space, play of light, and story telling. This photo allows the viewer to create their own story of canine heroics at first glance, only to be happily amused by the sight of a peaceful looking pooch upon further inspection."
Michael Keeney
"If there could have been a tie for first place, I would have given it to this image. What I love most about this photo was its pure and deliberate positioning against the rules, namely chopping off the dogs body on the edge of the frame, while still keeping a perfect connection to the shadow. The resulting composition was superb, powerful, eye-catching, and graphic. But what I loved most about this is how it harkens back to the very early history of photography, which was called, The Art of Fixing a Shadow. That's exactly what this image did; it took and ethereal subject with no substance, the shadow, and turned it into a something we could reach out and touch."
Gary Crabbe
"The second place winner showed a good observation of the dog's shadow an it's elongation which made it unusual but still recognizable without having a lot of the dog in it."
Morris Johnson