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Lafayette Youth
Arts Society
Clare Needs
I am a 7th grader at Stanley Middle School. My hobbies are dance, volleyball and swimming. I entered this photo competition because it was required by my yearbook class teacher. I decided to take a picture of my sister, Elena, who is 10 years old. She is a 5th grader at Lafayette Elementary. I chose this picture because I liked how bright the colors were and how it also emphasized the rule of thirds.
Creativity Prize Winner
What the judges said:
"In my opinion, this photo deserved to win the contest. It has a strong composition. The girl's arms create a triangle, which visually is very stable feeling-- a great variation on the rule of thirds. The leaves in her hair match her lipstick, and also compliment the blue of her fingernails… the styling helps to visually support the theme in an original manner. This image is extremely sellable in my opinion, say, in a stock photo venue for example. I would like to see this photographer pursue image making, as they clearly have an affinity for it."
Michael Keeney
"For most creative, I'm happy this image was selected. Why? Everything about this shot seemed to denote some kind of choice by the photographer, to express what (s)he wanted to, and to have done it with very deliberate style. From the elevated perspective, the deliberate framing and composition, to the placement of hair, hands, the color of the leaves, and the blending of colors with her hair set against the dark sheet, etc. The model also does a great job with revealing emotion; she tries to hide her eyes, but we see the emotion through the smile. Two words: Stylistic & Successful."
Gary Crabbe
"The most creative showed what many young people would do with a camera but the colors, particularly the blue fingernails, made it look a bit like what a teenager would like to make a statement with!"
Morris Johnson